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Internet through Cosy



  • Zach Farmer

    The cosy is not assigning an IP and DNS to your laptop so you will have to set those. The IP address but be in the Cosy's LAN subnet and the DNS has to be valid such as and

  • gdalsanto

    Hello and sorry to bother you in this issue and reopen again.
    a) I followed Option1: I modified my "comcfg" --> NATLTF = 2 and FWRDTOWAN = 1
    b) Then I connect my Cosy 131 WiFi to my mobile phone and I can see it online on the ecatcher
    c) I plugged the cable on the LAN port (nr.2) of Cosy 131 and on my laptop in the other side
    d) I leave network card of PC as: obtain IP and obtain DNS both automatically
    e) No Internet connection on the PC!
    Where am I wrong?

  • Kyle Reynolds

    Your laptop isn't getting an IP address because you have to either

    a) set up the ewon to be a DHCP server or
    b) give the laptop a static IP address and default gateway (the LAN address of the Cosy)

    I would recommend setting a static IP address, gateway, and DNS (use public DNS like

  • gdalsanto

    Thanks for the reply!

    Is this means that I did proper connection (laptop network card to LAN of the COSY 131)?

    I assigned now (consider that IP of the Cosy's LAN is
    IP of laptop: " Subnet: " Gateway: EMPTY
    DNS1: " DNS2:

    But I still can't see internet connection.
    Any other parameters need to be changed/checked on "comcfg"?


  • gdalsanto

    Thanks so much.
    So, I plugged my laptop network card to the LAN of the Cosy 131. The WiFi is on and Ewon is online.
    I set
    laptop IP=
    Gateway= (this is also the IP of the LAN of my Ewon)

    Still not work as I would like. I haven't internet access on the laptop.
    Any other parameters need to be checked on "comcfg" (besides NATLTF = 2 and FWRDTOWAN = 1) ?
    Any other thing on the laptop?


  • Zach Farmer

    Are you able to ping the cosy's LAN IP from your laptop. Can you also go tot he comcfg file and comfirm the settings have been changed and after that reboot the cosy and see if you can get internet access.

  • gdalsanto

    Yeah! it works now!!!
    Thanks so much guys, you are super.
    Unluckily I need to test this thing because our company's network doesn't allow us to set the Ewon cosy 131 Eth. So we would like to try using a Cosy 131 Wifi connect with a mobile phone:and run the wizard of this Cosy 131 Eth.
    Finger cross for us!



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