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  • Kyle Reynolds

    Hi Eric,

    You will typically need to use a VNC viewer to connect with a VNC server, however some servers work with some web browsers on Windows. You just can't always assume you can just use a browser and you need to make sure you are connecting to the right port. (The default is 5900 so to try to reach the HMI in the browser you would need to type in, given that was the correct ip address and port)

    If the browser doesn't work you can use a VNC viewer light TightVNC. A tutorial of how to do that with a Panel View is here:

    You can also use M2Web to access your VNC server by configuring the HMI in eCatcher as a LAN device. Have you tried that before? For accessing from a phone, you will want to use the eCatcher app with a VNC app for best results.



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