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Welcome to the HMS Community. Before working with the Community we would like to give you some general guidelines. By following these guidelines you can help create a welcoming and supportive forum community where everyone can feel comfortable participating and sharing their knowledge and experiences.


1.     Read the rules and guidelines:
Before posting anything on the forum, it is important to read and understand the rules and guidelines. This will help ensure that your contributions are appropriate and in line with the forum’s expectations.

2.      Be respectful:
Treat others on the forum with respect and kindness, even if you don’t necessarily agree with what’s being said. Avoid using abusive language, derogatory remarks, or other behavior that could be considered offensive. The topics discussed here matter to us, and we hope that you feel they matter to you too.

3.     Stay on topic:
Keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand. Avoid derailing conversations with irrelevant or off-topic comments.

4.     Search before posting:
Before starting a new thread, use the forum’s search tool to see if the topic has already been covered. This will help reduce duplicate threads and keep the forum organized.

5.     Provide meticulous and detailed explanations:
When posting a questions or issue, please always remember to provide as detailed information as possible. This will help other users understand your setup better and thus result in a more accurate and useful response. Take note of the following:

·         Make sure you post your question in the right category.

·         Don’t cross-post the same question in multiple topics.

·         Don’t divert a topic by changing it after users have started replying.

6.     Stay engaged:
Try to make an effort to follow up on the suggestions and advice you are given on the forum so that others finding the thread also can take advantage of the help you were given.

7.     Be open to feedback:
Be willing to listen to feedback from other users and moderators. Use criticism constructively to improve your contributions to the forum.

8.     Report inappropriate content:
We are doing everything we can to keep inappropriate content and behavior out of the forum. If you come across inappropriate or offensive content on the forum, please report this to the moderators so that they can act on the matter. Do not engage with the thread or discussion where you’ve seen this behavior as it further encourages the behavior by acknowledging it. To report any inappropriate content please use the email address at the bottom of the page:

9.     HMS Forum purpose
The focus of this forum is to discuss the functionality and troubleshooting of HMS products and services. Thus, we do not condone comments and content that discourage other users from using HMS products.